Our Story
beautiful therapist holding a clipboard and a pen

The name “Deeper View” is borne out of the belief that with a bit of thoughtfulness or deep thinking, we can see and appreciate the other person’s views. Life’s situation is often “dialectical”. Taking the time to have a deeper view of a situation, gives us the opportunity to calm ourselves down, acknowledge the depth of the situation and make informed and responsible decisions. Remember, the conflicts between the decisions we make and what we could have done differently is often the source of our anxiety and the problems we tend to have in life.

Deeper View Counseling believes in the principle that, as humans, we have the capacity to change when provided with the right environment and the resources at the right time. Change, however, does not just happen. It takes time. That’s why part of our mission statement state “Change is a process”. Solomon Darko and Josephine Ahiati started Deeper View Counseling in 2018, however, Solomon Darko planted the seed of “Deeper View Counseling” over 20 years ago.

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