Solomon Darko

Solomon Darko, the principal owner of Deeper View Counseling, has over 16 years of experience providing services to individuals, families, parents, children, adolescents, and adults in Connecticut, both in the office and in-home settings. He has extensive experience using some of the most popular evidenced-based programs such as IICAPS (Intensive In-home Child Adolescent Psychiatric Services), MDFT (Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy) and currently the ARC Grow program. He was a professional teacher prior to becoming a mental health counselor. Solomon Darko holds Masters in Counseling (University of Bridgeport), MBA (University of Connecticut), MPhil (University of Ghana, Ghana), BSc in Biological Science (University of Cape Coast) and Diploma in Education (University of Cape Coast, Ghana). He is licensed as a professional counselor (LPC) in Connecticut.

Solomon has a passion to help others overcome their fears and worries. He is empathetic, an active listener, supportive and respectful to the needs of his clients. He believes that a client who walks into his office is not just a number. That person is unique and has made that choice to make changes in his or her life. For Solomon, active listening is one of the most powerful tools or interventions in counseling.